Month: June 2019

MMA Betting Guide: Ins and Outs of Wagering On Mixed Martial Arts – SharpSide

SharpSide MMA Betting Guide

Welcome to the SharpSide mixed martial arts (MMA) betting guide!

MMA has always been a progressive sport, both in terms of the competition itself and how it views the world of gambling. It’s rare that you find MMA content that is analyzing a fight or tournament without referencing the betting odds. It’s not just for entertainment purposes, either. The use of betting odds in MMA help viewers, no matter how casual of diehard they are, understand the matchups better. Simply put, MMA and gambling go hand in hand. The MMA industry continues to flourish, regulated and legalized sports betting becomes more and more available, and together the two have helped each other grow.

If you’re interested in the MMA, you’re likely interested in betting on it. In the least, understanding how MMA betting works will help you better understand the sport, its competitors, and the fights. That’s why this MMA betting guide is here.

Common MMA Bet Types

The most common types of MMA wagers are moneyline/match bets on who will win a fight, over/under bets on the number of rounds a fight will last, and parlays. If you’re familiar with sports betting in general, then you will find yourself understanding moneyline, over/under, and parlay bets in MMA rather easily.

A money line bet (otherwise known as a match bet) is a bet on the outcome