How to Make a Live Team Bet at a Sportsbook – BettingPros

How to Make a Live Team Bet at a Sportsbook – BettingPros

For many sports, there is less than a 24-hour period from when betting lines are released to when a game starts. Football usually offers a bigger window of time to place wagers, as lines are posted early in the week. However, many bettors prefer to wait until closer to kickoff to place their bets as they receive more information about things like injury news and weather.

What happens if a bettor did not have enough time to place their wager before an event begins? Have no fear, as many sportsbooks offer live betting on most events.

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What is a Live Bet?

A live bet is a bet that you can place after an event has already begun. Sportsbooks will constantly adjust their odds, depending on how the game is playing out.

Live betting is not just for people who are late to place their pregame wagers, however. Many bettors strategically choose to wait to place their wagers because they prefer to witness the flow of a game.

The timing of a live bet is very important. Some sportsbooks update their live odds after every basket, missed shot, pitch, or first down. If live betting is something you think you would be interested in, I suggest tracking a sportsbook’s live bets on their app or on their odds boards in person. This will give you a sense of just how quickly the odds can change.

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