Betting big on small-scale ecotourism – TTG Asia

Betting big on small-scale ecotourism – TTG Asia

Remote, rural destinations are poised to be major drawcards in the face of the pandemic, and tourism providers in the Philippines are lining up ecotourism products and authentic attractions to lure returning travellers.

Nature attractions like Hinagdanan cave (pictured) in Panglao Island, Bohol are set to have added appeal in the new normal

A likely side effect of the pandemic is a shift in tourist preference away from mass tourism destinations in favour of more remote, less-crowded ones as health and safety become the primary concern of travellers.

The Philippines is moving to meet these changing demands by bringing in “fresh, less crowded and open destinations”, usually in rural and remote areas, shared Alice Queblatin, Southwind Travel managing director inbound, at an industry webinar.

“FITs will be in, group travel out,” Queblatin said, adding that products are being studied “to make them private, safer and more hygienic” in compliance with the health and safety protocols that were rolled out for the travel and tourism industry.

Fortunately, the Philippines, being an archipelago of over 7,100 islands, has a plethora of unspoiled ecotourism, nature and remote community destinations. Most of these destinations also have beaches, one of the country’s main attractions.