Spread betting opportunities for affiliates – AffiliateINSIDER

Spread betting opportunities for affiliates – AffiliateINSIDER

Spread betting for affiliates

If you’re an affiliate focusing on any kind of sport, you will need no introduction to traditional sports betting. But it has a relatively unknown cousin, which you might have heard of. It’s commonly referred to as spread betting

Spread betting is similar to the form of wagering that most punters are common with in a few ways, but also has a variety of differences. And for you, as an affiliate, it poses a significant opportunity to increase your bottom line and attract a broader audience – without needing to radically overhaul your content strategy. 

Does all of that sound interesting to you? Well you’ve come to the right place then, because that’s what we’re going to discuss in today’s article. 

What is spread betting? 

Unlike traditional sports bets, spread betting involves placing money on a broader range of outcomes than a single result. For example, you might bet on Liverpool to win a game by 1-3 goals – as opposed to guessing the correct score or just betting on them to win outright. 

Because the odds are not fixed, the payout isn’t either. The closer you are to being right, the bigger your winnings are. On the flip side, a player’s losses will be larger if the range they bet on is farther from being correct. This means that they might lose more