Day: October 14, 2020

CJ Cup @ Shadow Creek Picks and Props – The Sports Gambling Podcast

CJ Cup @ Shadow Creek Picks and Props

For those who missed it, please check out the CJ Cup @ Shadow Creek Preview and Betting Strategies for the types of golfers you should look to target for your bets. With that in mind, here’s the CJ Cup @ Shadow Creek picks I like this week. (with odds courtesy of

CJ Cup @ Shadow Creek Picks:
Outright Winners

Justin Thomas – 11/1

Justin Thomas’ go to shot are high fades, which should suit perfect on this golf course. He also tends to fare much better in benign, scoreable weather conditions. Las Vegas will play hot and arid with very little rain. These are the perfect conditions for Justin Thomas to run away on the leaderboard.

Rory McIlroy – 11/1

The results have been a little better lately, though he’s still struggling with his irons and his putting. He’s had a few weeks off to work on a few things, and given he’s a world class player he’s fully capable showing up to this event on point. He also typically prefers a draw but he’s a player who can work the ball both ways with ease when he’s clicking. With Dustin Johnson out of the field, the list of guys

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What States Have Legal Sports Betting on NBA Games

As of now, over twenty states have approved sports betting, and among those many allow online sports betting. You can check if your state has legalized online sports betting on this page or go to our legal sports betting map of the United States to find out if your home state allows the activity. 

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Best NBA Legal Sports Betting Sites 

Looking to bet on the NBA regular season, the NBA playoffs, or the NBA finals? Whatever game you’re hoping to get a big payout on your first step is to sign up for a sports betting site. Online sportsbooks are the easiest and by far the most popular way that bettors choose to make their bets. Below are some of the best betting options when it comes to betting sites.  

How to Do Sports Betting on the NBA

If you want to bet on the NBA then first of all you need to confirm that sports betting is legal in your state, or a state nearby that you frequently travel to. Once you’ve confirmed that you can bet