PointsBet Sportsbook New Jersey: Sports Betting Guide & App Review – Lineups

PointsBet Sportsbook New Jersey: Sports Betting Guide & App Review – Lineups

A Unique Way to Bet on Sports in NJ

pointsbet appThe number of sportsbook operators ready for New Jersey‘s launch of online sports betting was extensive. Most had an established connection with the U.S. market, either through daily fantasy sports or other media outlets.

One sportsbook option; however, entered the market with a unique betting format, but limited market exposure in the U.S. Nevertheless, the Australia-based sportsbook PointsBet has become increasingly more popular with sports bettors. PointsBet was founded in Australia. The initial launch of their unique betting lines was local, but by February 2017, PointsBet was available across most of Australia. Their first venture into fixed odds was with the offer of fixed odds racing lines in September 2017.

In March 2018, PointsBet added fixed odds on most traditional sports to its platform. The single most glaring difference between PointsBet and other sportsbook platforms are the fluctuating odds. The amount of your winnings and losses are not fixed. You can win more money on any individual bet depending on how accurate you bet. It brings a new sense of excitement to sports betting. PointsBet rewards those who stand behind their strongest hunches.

Confidence in an outcome, when you bet using the PointsBet sportsbook app, is handsomely rewarded. PointsBet began their experience