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Arbitrage betting: The betting system that guarantees a win with every bet – Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Sports betting, in recent years, have evolved in leaps and bounds – from the traditional sportsbook house in our neighborhoods to online sports betting websites like And as a result of this evolution, many players have started flocking in. 

And as we all know, wherever there’s a multitude of persons, many innovative strategies are bound to be discovered. In the world of sports betting, the “arbitrage betting” is one such strategy. So what exactly is it, and how does it work?

What is arbitrage betting?

Although the general consensus in the betting world is that nothing is assured as far as betting goes, the arbitrage betting strategy actually begs to differ. In fact, the sort of guarantee it assures is so certain that a player is bound to win almost every time.

Otherwise known as “arb betting” or “arbing,” arbitrage betting is a simple betting strategy that involves placing bets on every possible outcome of an event.

While most regular punters often place their bets on either side to win, lose or draw, arbitrage betting requires that you place your money on every possible scenario.

Now, that must be sounding like a counterintuitive idea already. How could you ask a player to place their money on different outcomes? On the one hand, that would cost more money, and on the other hand, whatever winnings they generate would never be enough to offset the costs they’ve incurred. So, arbitrage betting doesn’t sound too appealing, after all.

Well, before you rush to nail it to

My teen is good at poker. Did I make a mistake by letting him play? – The Washington Post

While I should have been glad something was drawing my teen’s attention away from screens, I was wary of his interest in the game. Poker is intrinsically linked to gambling, even when you’re not playing for money. Did I really want to encourage that? On the other hand, knowing how to play poker comes with a solid skill set — the ability to quickly calculate odds, develop a strategy and, most of all, read other people. And I’d rather be the one to teach it to him.

So I emailed with experts, including Rina Gupta and Alissa Sklar, both of whom worked as researchers for several years at McGill University’s Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High Risk Behaviours. They said that while the teenage years are not the ideal time for a developing brain to be exposed to activities like gambling, context matters. And in the right circumstances, a friendly game of poker could be a valuable learning experience.

One of the issues is the introduction of gambling at a time when the brain isn’t fully developed. “The teenage brain is primed for risk-taking and pleasure-seeking while the problem-solving part of the brain (the frontal lobes) remain undeveloped,” Gupta said in an email. “It’s what accounts for the ‘what were you thinking?’ phase of life.”

But neither said playing with my son

Sports Betting: Important Tips and Guidelines for Superior Results – TimesOfCasino

The popularity of online casinos is on the rise, and thanks to some of the credible alternatives available online such as MintDice, more and more people are swarming the online casinos. In online betting, the segment of sports betting deserves special mention as this category is gaining traction among the target segments. It is important to understand that you can maximize the chances of winning in the sports betting if you follow a well-crafted strategy based on a solid research framework. Unlike gambling, betting is a science that requires practicing certain principles for superior and efficient results. Follow the pro sports betting tips in order to maximize the probability of winning while betting on your favorite sports.

Sports Betting: Important Tips and Guidelines

1) Exercise Patience: It is the time-honored strategy, and its utility is applicable in all aspects of life, including sports betting. You need to be patient while betting, as any decision taken in a rush or heat of the moment is more likely to backfire. Therefore, it is desirable that you keep your mind

New poll shows Kentuckians favor allowing sports betting at race tracks, Speedway and by mobile app – User-generated content

Sports betting is a political winner in Kentucky. Two-thirds of voters support allowing sports betting in the Commonwealth, according to a new survey from Republican pollster Public Opinion Strategies.

By a 66%-27% margin, voters support allowing sports betting at Kentucky horse race tracks, the Kentucky Speedway, and mobile betting through online apps.

Support for sports betting extends across party lines:

Republicans: 62% support, 31% oppose
Independents: 71% support, 25% oppose
Democrats: 69% support, 23% oppose

Support rises even higher when voters hear that the revenue will go to fund state pensions (74% support, 24% oppose).

A plurality of voters say that a state legislator’s support for sports betting will make them “more likely” to vote in the future (31% more likely, 15% less likely, 52% no difference).

The statewide survey of 500 registered voters was conducted March 10-12 and has margin of error of 4.4%. Public Opinion Strategies has a track record of successful survey research in Kentucky and has worked for the Senate Republican Caucus Campaign Committee, the House Republican Caucus Campaign Committee, the Republican Party of Kentucky, and numerous GOP campaigns.

Legislation is currently being considered in the Kentucky General Assembly that would allow sports betting in the Commonwealth. House Bill 137 would legalize sports betting in Kentucky at horse race tracks and the Kentucky Speedway, as well as mobile wagering through online apps.

Rep. Adam Koenig

The bill would generate

Blackjack – Rules And Strategies Explained – South Florida Reporter

Before you can play blackjack, you need to know the basic blackjack rules and table etiquette and how blackjack differs from other casino games. You also need to know how the casino achieves its advantage over the players and what you can do about it.

This guide covers these basics along with the history of the game. The best way to learn BlackJack is to practice it. And now you can practice Blackjack free of charge online and become a pro player.

Card Values

Each card in Blackjack has the value shown. Face cards count as 10 and the ace counts as either 1 or 11, but suits have no meaning in Blackjack. The sum of a hand is the sum of the hand’s card values. A hand consisting of 4-5-8 is 17. Another hand consisting of a Queen and 5 is 15. The ace is always assumed to be 11 unless the hand exceeds 21. In this case, the ace is returned to a value of 1.

The betting area

Blackjack is played at a semicircular table covered with felt cloth and usually seats up to 7 players.  In front of each player, there is a circle, sometimes a square box called the betting

Concepts That Will Improve Your Successes In Sports Betting – – VENTS Magazine

Being involved in sports betting can be fun and exciting but there are risks around every corner. You need to be very cautious since you may lose your money before you know it. You need to know how to implement sound strategies so you can guarantee that you’re going to make money regularly. If you want to have any chance of succeeding, you need to learn the concepts that can help you survive. Within this guide, you’re going to learn more about these concepts and why they’re going to be helpful to you.

Know The Sport

You need to know a lot about the sport in question. If you’re going to be betting on NFL games, you need to learn to read football league tables. You also need to find out how the rules work and which teams are leading the league. You need to know as much about the sport as you can. This information will prove to be immensely beneficial when it comes to making bets. Knowing the sport will make it significantly easier for you to win money.

Know Value

While you’re at it, you need to understand the value. You need to be able to determine how valuable a bet is going to be bet and whether or not it is worth your time. Finding out the concept of value will pay off dividends since it’ll help you determine which bets are worth

How to Bet on NASCAR: 5 Tips and Strategies – BettingPros

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is one of the most entertaining sports to bet on. Every driver hits the track at the same time, and there can only be one winner out of the whole field. It’s three to four hours of exhaust fumes, burnt rubber, and adrenaline.

So how should you approach NASCAR betting? Here are some useful strategies to help you use NASCAR for building your bankroll.

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1. Study past performances at each track.
Just like with other sports, you’ll want to look at past examples. You can use RacingReference or DriverAverages to pull up each driver’s statistics on a given track.

Since NASCAR only visits each track once or twice a year, you’ll have a limited sample size. Fortunately for you, many NASCAR tracks are similarly designed. They fall into five main categories: short tracks, intermediate tracks, Superspeedways, flat tracks, and road courses, and you can weigh a driver’s performance at comparable tracks when placing a bet.

Some tracks within a certain category are more alike than others, too. For example, Michigan International Speedway and Auto Club Speedway are a pair of two-mile ovals that are technically intermediate tracks, but they are much more similar to each other than to other intermediates. So when you use track categories to evaluate past performances, you should give more weight to tracks that are closer in length.


NFL Betting Systems – 5 Betting Systems for Betting on the NFL –

NFL Betting Systems
The NFL is the league Americans bet on more than any other. It’s also the league that even the most experienced sharps find the hardest to win.

Because of the relatively few number of games played each week, sportsbooks have the time to focus on each individual matchup to make sure there are no easy wins. Even the somewhat misunderstood strategy of “fading the public” doesn’t always hold up when betting on the NFL because the oddsmakers are so diligent in setting lines so that money is nearly equal on each side.

With all of that being said, it’s still possible to turn a profit betting on the NFL if you’re willing to follow systems that have had success over time. In many ways, most sports fans are too emotionally attached to the league to bet rationally, but the numbers never lie.

In this article, I’ll dive into a few betting systems that have resulted in winning seasons for the sports bettors who don’t stray from the strategies that have resulted in successful seasons. Try implementing a few for yourself or check out this 7 step guide for how to bet on football and see if you can add a little extra to your bankroll come playoff time.

1 – Road Dogs (Under .500)

Life can be unpredictable, but there are a few constants that have withstood the test of time:

Factors in Online Sports Betting – Predicting Over/Under Bets –

Sportsbook and Man in Sports Stadium

After the point spread, the total (over/under) is the most bet on aspect of a football game. If you’re unfamiliar with the type of bet, it’s as simple as it gets. The sportsbook puts out a number, and the bettor must decide if they think the total of the two teams’ combined final score will be higher or lower.

While understanding the type of wager is easy, predicting the result is not.

The bettors who end up making money on the over/under are those who take the time to research the factors that might contribute to the scoring total in the game. I’ll lay out six things to look for that can help make the over/under a profitable part of your long-term betting strategy.

1 – Weather Impacts the Odds

You’re probably thinking that this one is obvious, and to a certain extent, that would be correct. However, it’s not just how the weather will impact the game that you need to evaluate.

Obviously, sportsbooks take weather into account when setting the lines. However, that doesn’t mean the public will always consider the weather. This means that lines aren’t always impacted as significantly because US gambling sites don’t want all the money on one side or another. Often times, the line will end up moving to where it would be if there wasn’t inclement weather.

If you’re able to find a

NBA Betting Strategies When They Return – Picks – Sportsbook Review

Mpu Dinani/Getty Images/AFP

As we know, every day is a completely different day because of the coronavirus. What we know today could be different tomorrow so stay tuned.

Let’s start with the basics for the NBA. Until we see a decline in people catching the virus, everything is largely speculation. Thus, let’s lay out various scenarios to consider.

NBA owners and league executives are thinking about the possibility of mid-to-late June as a best-case scenario for the league’s return, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on March 15th. That might shock some, but that’s the hope since they fear the entire season could still be lost pending further developments.